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About Daniel

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Daniel Amis is known as The Personal Relationship Trainer. He's a relationship coach who helps single women attract their ideal partner and achieve healthy relationships. He is also a Speaker, Author of a previous best-seller book on Amazon, "Unbreakable Love", and Transformational Coach.

So why work with women?

Daniel discovered that he connects with women more than men (though he have coached plenty of men over the years). This is partially due to him growing up in a family around mostly women- and giving ALOT of love advice to many of them as well as his female friends before he embarked on a professional career. He also base his real life experiences that allowed him to meet a wonderful woman- and successfully maintain a happy and healthy relationship with her.   

With Daniel's coaching, it's not only about trying to find the right matches, it's about discovering how to put your best foot forward, gain personal development strategies, so you can become the best version of you possible, so the right man will be able to find YOU!

Though his unique, results driven, no fluff, motivational style of coaching, he aims to change lives in a huge way. And that he does! He shares straight to the point advice that has helped hundreds of women over the years- and is designed to help more women create the type of love life they desire to have.

What some experts have to say about Daniel...

"Daniel Amis provides common sense knowledge that everyone can apply to their lovelives."
--Talayah Stovall  Author and Motivational Speaker

"When it comes to relationships, Daniel Amis takes a whole brain approach rather than the one-size-fits-all advice most experts give." -Lee Silber, Award-Winning Author,