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“The advice that I received from Daniel’s coaching has given me a chance to learn how to properly bounce back from a bad breakup- and learn how to properly have a more successful one. The tools and advice that I've received in his program, have helped me attract better potential relationship partners. I am forever grateful.” Marie Francis, NY

I'll address all of your questions that you have as it relates to attracting love. And we'll dive into a proven system where we'll cover success and mindset strategies, how to develop success habits, how to craft your craft a great online profile (if you're on online dating sites) clear enough to better connect with your ideal matches, the most effective ways to reach the type of men that you're interested in, dating strategies, and how to land the guys that are most suitable for a long-lasting relationship... and more! 

So Now You May Be Wondering, “Daniel, How Exactly Are You Going To Teach me all of these things so that I can enjoy the kind of consistent results in dating, and meet the right partner, like you and so many others have?”

Valid Question!
And Here’s My Answer…

I’ve designed this special training program to go much deeper than one of those “everything in one” info products that gets you all enthusiastic to get started- and then leaves you alone to struggle your way through finding the time and the focus to get going. My aim is to never put you through that.

I’m going to hold your hand all the way through this one. 

Here are the specifics of how we’re going to do this:

You’ll be sent an invitation to join our exclusive membership area. There you’ll find the “Attracting Love” steps laid out for you in a clear, easy-to-follow format.

Each week you’ll have assignments to complete from the program. You’ll need to watch the webinars and go through the worksheets. Then, you’ll join me for a 60-minute Q&A call where I’ll answer your questions, provide hot seat coaching and more.

So what's the catch? You really need to do the work to participate in the group calls (otherwise it’s not much of an accountability program, right?).

You’ll have 5 calls throughout July and August.

Have to miss a call? No problem. Each call will be recorded, transcribed and posted on the forum for you.

You’ll also get my automated Online Profile Generator! This cutting-edge tool makes crafting your online dating profile super easy. Just enter in your information and it will take care of the rest! YES it really can be as easy as that.

Here’s What You Will Get With My Attract Love Virtual Program Training:

Module 1: Mindset Mastery!

"We start here because your mindset sets the foundation for the type of men you meet." 

You Will Discover How To:

  • Shift your love vibration to cause you to stop attracting and dating the wrong type of men
  • What you should know and understand about men
  • Let go of your past and move forward 
  • Know exactly how to get clear on what you want to attract it
  • Break through barriers and creating your blueprint for love
  • Avoid the biggest mistake most women make when trying to attract men in public (you’re probably doing it but after this module, you’ll never do this again)

Module 2: Where are you Romeo?

"O.k. so now that we've gotten to the main dish of this program, I'll share with you why this module of "attracting your Romeo" separates itself from all of the other "find love" programs out there.

You Will Discover:

  • The top places to meet your ideal partner
  • How To flirt with attractive men without seeming desperate or foolish
  • How to use online dating sites effectively to meet quality men (and how to weed out the bad ones)
  • The key thing you should do to attract an intellectual, attractive, man of purpose that connects with your core values and goals
  • Why Timing is important! How to meet the right guy for you, at the right time, without giving up on love in the process)

Plus... you'll have in this module access to a complimentary, optional matchmaking session with me to see if I have from my years doing matchmaking, in my database, some quality, eligible men for you to date. How cool is that? And you'll get the Create Instant Chemistry Accelerator: Imagine creating an instant connection with your the type of man you're interesting so you immediately become someone they find even more appealing. Yes, it is possible!

Module 3: Date Like A Pro!

“Now it's time to learn how to date more successfully”

You Will Discover:

  • How to date confidently and boost your self esteem
  • Learn how create great conversations on your date(s) that will
  • Master the dos and don'ts of dating etiquette
  • 6 ways to spot red flags quicker 
  • How to avoid doing this one thing that can ruin the date...

Module 4: When To Pursue A Relationship

Yes, there IS a way you can start a new relationship more easily and effortlessly. I want you to feel completely comfortable getting into something new with someone new. And by the time you’re done with this module, you’ll wonder why you struggled with some of these things for so long!

You Will Discover:

  • How to tell if the guy you're dating is someone with long term potential
  • The most important questions you should ask before taking things to the next level
  • Ways to determine if you're "relationship ready" - and what you must do to assure that 
  • The 5 steps to take before starting a new relationship (these are key!)
  • How to avoid setting yourself up for a failed relationship WAY beforehand 

Module 5: Keep The Relationship Strong...

“Let’s make sure that when you do get in another relationship, it becomes something wonderful and long lasting, shall we?”

You Will Discover:

  • How to be an amazing girlfriend that he would want to rave about
  • The biggest reasons for so many breakups- and what you can do to avoid them
  • What it takes to make your relationship the best you ever had: Learn what to do to make your relationship grow into something that's exciting, passionate, loving, and long-lasting  

AND you'll receive another amazing bonus! 

What is that you ask? Well I'm glad you asked. :) My goal is to not only get you to attract love, but to successfully keep love as well. So if you would like to learn more on how to maintain a healthy and happy relationship, overcome the most common relationship problems, and the key ways to keep your Mr. Right, then you'll have the opportunity to attend our 3 day "Successful Love" bootcamp (a $997 value). This amazing event will be held in New York City on March 12th, 2019-  and you'll have access to myself and some great speakers that will help you make your next relationship a happy and lasting one.  

So now you're probably wondering what is this going to cost me. Well I can assure you that this is a program that if you actually implement what's taught, it's very easy to have your investment pay off for you. That's why you should view this as an investment in yourself, in your life, and your future.

And you can get access this great coaching program for just $997. You can either choose the 4 pay flex-payment option for $250 or pay in full for $997.

                                                                             Check It out Here!

And here's the great news...

Selecting the Attract Love Program is risk-free. I'm confident that you will have a life changing experience.

And I'll give you until the end of our 2nd live call, which is 30 days after the first one, to sit back and decide if it's really for you... in your heart. If not, you get your entire investment back... no questions asked

And also for that low price, you'll gain access to everything (and I mean everything) that I know about attracting your Mr. Right.

So what is it worth to you? The time and freedom to do what you want.... and be paid well for it? To serve your ideal clients at the highest level possible without you worrying over your next sale? Is it worth the ability to impact and change more people lives NOW? And do what you know you're on this earth to do?

Another way to look at it is... what's the cost to you not to accept my offer?

Now I know you may still have questions such as....

1. What if I'm too busy to attract a man?

Well this is why the first few modules are important. I believe, if you're ready for love now, you can attract the the type of man you desire. But you have to be ready. And if you are, but time is a big factor for you, I can offer my services of matchmaking and creating a "done-for-you" online dating profile to help you attract suitable matches!

2. Can anyone attract love with this program?

Great question. And in short I would say.... absolutely! If you're a single woman between 25-55, my advice (considering you implement what's taught), will help you meet great guys- and take your love life to the next level.

3. What if I just need help in one area of my love life?

Well whether your focus is on healing or bouncing back from a divorce or bad breakup, constructing online profiles that capture the attention of your ideal matches, dating successfully, or simply getting the date, we'll place more emphasis on that- while you enjoy all of the benefits that this coaching program offers.  

Ready to reserve your spot?

Yes Daniel I understand I'm going to get...

1. Access to the training modules to help me find (and keep) love
2. An Online Dating Profile Generator

3. A Create Instant Chemistry Accelerator

4. An optional, opportunity to receive matchmaking assistance
5. Amazing support and follow up!

PLUS... A bonus ticket (valued at $597) to the "Successful Love" Bootcamp event which will be held on March 12th 2019.

​Presenting.... The Attract Love Coaching program that is designed specifically for single women who are finally ready to meet their ideal partner and have the relationship of their dreams!

Are you ready to attract your Mr. Right? Have you read many books and tried almost everything and it’s just not happening? Are you tired of meeting or dating the wrong men? Do you feel as though you have so much love to give to the right man- and you're tired of dating guys that you feel may be losers, jerks, or men who simply don't fit your interest? Well now is the time to get the type of love that you desire!

Monday 3:02PM EST from the desk of Daniel Amis  

Dear single AND amazing lady,

Can you relate to any of the above questions?

Well I don't know you... yet. But what I do know is you're a single professional woman who would love to have companionship in your life. What I know is you can have a great relationship.

You know it's in your destiny. You know, based on all you have been through in previous relationships, that it's what you deserve. 

Well whether you're just bouncing back from a breakup and/or you've been out of the dating game for a while, you haven't had success meeting men, rest assured that there are sill many quality men out there that are looking for a woman like you. There are clients out there that you're meant to connect with.

I know you desire to meet qualified men that fit your interest that you could grow with, build with, and create a family with (even if it's just you two). And this is where my coaching could help...

  • No more stressing over the whole dating thing
  • No more meeting bad matches
  • No more feeling frustrated

If any of this resonates with you, then you're exactly in the right place. And I have something special to share with you....

I'd like to invite you to the coaching program that's designed for single women, such as yourself, who like to meet the right guys. It's my: Attract Love Coaching Program.  

You see... I've done the ground the ground work, been through the phase of what works and doesn't work, had many bad relationships in the past- but was able to find my Mrs. Right, and had hundreds of clients successfully date and meet better, more quality men. My work has transformed many lives... and I'd like to
personally take you by the hand to create a system and strategy to attract your ideal partner.

Relationship Expert • Speaker •  transformational coach

With love!



Here's the bottom line... I know in my heart what I can help you with. And based on your intuition, you know if this is the opportunity for you. Don't let this be something else you have to think about. You know if it's a YES or NO. If it's yes, then this is the right time to move forward. Nothing will set you apart from your dreams more than delaying decision.

Imagine yourself meeting a great guy, living the lifestyle that you want to live with that guy, and you're in a happy, more fulfilling relationship that allows you to achieve the level of happiness and bliss that you've always wanted. This CAN happen! No more being burned out from dating the wrong men, or being overwhelmed online, or being single and in the same position year after year. It's time to make a change. It's time to take your love life to the next level.